Creating your brand identity and corporate materials.




image   Design of printed materials

We can offer you a design of different types of advertising materials, tailored to your requirements and budget. In a reasonable time, we will make attractive catalogues, menus, brochures, posters, business cards and more.

image  Corporate presentations

Corporate presentation is an important part of the presentation of any business. It is created according to the vision of the company and its needs. We will make a corporate presentation through which we will show the qualities and advantages of your products or services.

image  Logo design

The logo is a key element of the visual identity of any brand. Your logo embodies your ideology as a company. We will develop concepts for a logo based on the specifics of your business and best practices in logo design.

image  Brand book creation

In addition to the logo, we will develop a Brand book with detailed guidelines for using the logo in different colours and contexts. We will make suggestions for fonts, colour palettes and their use in digital and printed materials.

image    Дизайнерска обработка на постове, корици, видеа и др.

За да отговорим на нуждите на вашия бизнес предлагаме и дизайнерска обработка на различни видове материали като корици, аватари и постове за социалните мрежи, визии за спонсорирани кампании и видеа.