Comprehensive strategy for the presence of the brand in the various media and communication channels.


Individual digital marketing strategy for your business

How will a digital marketing strategy help you?

image  Defining goals

Defining the goals of the business to be achieved through the respective digital marketing strategy. They will be determined based on the guidance provided by the client. In relation to the goals, the overall action plan will be built, which will strive for their fastest and highest quality implementation.

image  Creating an audience

Defining your target audience based on communication channels and purpose within it. In this way, we will know to which users the content will be directed and what will be its specifics for its better presentation.

image  Creating a brand style

Creating an original brand style to which the brand adheres. This includes visual elements, tone, message, etc. In this way, a recognizable brand will be created, causing more trust.

image  Defining activities

Defining the processes that will be performed in the implementation of the digital marketing strategy. In this way, the actions that the SFC team will perform for your brand will be presented in detail.

image  Defining the main channels of communication

Determining the channels in which the brand will be present and build its image. This is an extremely important step for the appropriate presence of the business and subsequent determination of its specific actions in the relevant channels.

image  Define the content for the selected channels

We will determine the specifics of the content that will be presented in the respective channels and their audiences. In this way, we will reach the right users by providing them with content that will attract their attention.

image  Competitor analysis

Competitors' analysis will help to more clearly define the activities of the brand and the processes that will help to better represent it.

image  Determining the types of outdoor advertising

Creating a plan for outdoor advertising. In this way, more effective results can be achieved to help improve the implementation of the digital marketing strategy.

image  A detailed description of the planned activities

The detailed description of the activities will help to draw up a plan for the implementation of the presented processes.